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Analysis on the function and application field of carbon felt

Under the background of accelerated global energy transformation, the new energy and new material industries have ushered in a new development window period and a period of opportunity. Under the background of today's strong development momentum of new energy, the role and value of carbon felt are increasing day by day.

Felt made of carbon fiber, referred to as carbon felt. According to different fiber raw materials, it can be divided into three types:   , asphalt base and viscose base. The following is a brief analysis of the role and application fields of carbon felt.

Carbon felt for thermal insulation

Carbon fiber material has the characteristics of good heat resistance. It can withstand high temperature of more than 1000 degrees in inert gas, and its ignition point in air is as high as 500 degrees. Therefore, many manufacturers in the industry will use carbon felt as a heat insulation material for the inner wall of the high-temperature furnace and wrap it on the furnace wall.

Carbon felt is used to produce graphite felt

The carbon felt made by carbonizing the raw material viscose fiber felt (PAN-based pre-oxygen felt) is treated at a temperature of 2200°C to remove impurities and increase the carbon content. It is used in the photovoltaic field. 

Carbon felt used in the field of hydrogen energy

Carbon felt and carbon cloth are gas diffusion layer materials widely used in electrodes. They are key materials for fuel cells and special materials for proton exchange membrane hydrogen fuel cells. The gas diffusion layer is the indispensable material in MEA(membrane electrode group, the heart of fuel cells) .

Carbon felt for aerospace

Carbon felt is used in aircraft as structural materials, electromagnetic shielding materials and electrical materials. It could also be used in the construction of rocket casings, motor boats, industrial robots, automotive leaf springs and drive shafts.




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