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  • 2024-06-13
    The cracking at the bottom of the molten graphite crucible may be caused by various reasons. Firstly, there may be coke or slag sticking to the bottom of the crucible. When the crucible is placed on a hard ground, these substances may cause the crucible bottom to protrude upwards and produce cracks. Secondly, slag expansion may also cause cracking at the bottom of the crucible. Working for a long
  • 2024-06-13
    The growth process of monocrystalline silicon is entirely carried out in a thermal field. A good thermal field is beneficial for improving crystal quality and has high crystallization efficiency. The design of the thermal field largely determines the changes in temperature gradients in the dynamic thermal field and the flow of gas in the furnace. The difference in materials used in the thermal fie
  • 2024-01-02
    Graphite Heating Element is a device that provides uniform heat distribution in high temperature environments. It has important applications in many industrial fields. By controlling the temperature and uniformity of the Graphite Heating Element, high-temperature treatment and processing of materials can be achieved to meet various needs. This article will introduce in detail the definition, princ
  • 2023-12-05
    What products can be made from graphite? Graphite is a versatile material with a wide range of applications in various industries. It can be used to manufacture a variety of products due to its unique combination of properties, including high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, lubricity and chemical inertness. Here are some products that can be made using graphite: Graphite electro
  • 2023-11-14
    In the production of ferroalloys, submerged arc furnaces are important thermal equipment for reducing and smelting raw ores into high-temperature liquids. The raw materials that can be used for smelting include ferrosilicon, industrial silicon, calcium silicon alloy, high carbon ferromanganese, manganese silicon alloy, high carbon Ferrochromium, silicon-chromium alloy, silicon-aluminum alloy and r
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