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What should be paid attention to when melting aluminum alloy with graphite crucibles?

When using a graphite crucible to melt aluminum alloy, there are several important precautions to consider: first, to avoid the graphite crucible from being hit or falling from a high place, it should be handled with care to avoid collision with the surrounding environment. This is because impact or falling may cause product damage, making it unable to function properly. Secondly, graphite crucibles should be stored in a dry place to avoid moisture or water ingress. Moisture may react with the material placed in the crucible, affecting the properties of the alloy, especially during the melting process, which may lead to significant deviations in experimental results. At the same time, moisture can also affect the performance of the crucible, causing time waste.

Furthermore, the melting temperature should be controlled at around 740 ℃ -750 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the aluminum liquid will overheat and absorb a large amount of hydrogen gas. At the same time, the melting time should not be too long to reduce the gas absorption of the melt. In addition, before melting, it should be ensured that the graphite crucible is clean. If a new crucible is used, it is recommended to perform baking treatment to remove internal moisture and other debris, in order to prevent thermal explosions at high temperatures. For old crucibles, the surface slag should be removed to avoid elemental contamination. Finally, after the melting is completed, the crucible should be allowed to cool to room temperature before removing the alloy. Do not use water or other cooling agents to cool the crucible, as this may cause the crucible to rupture. Please note that the above are only some basic precautions for using graphite crucibles when melting aluminum alloys. In practical operation, specific process requirements and safety regulations should also be followed to ensure the smooth progress of the smelting process.




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