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Graphite plate

Graphite plate

Product Description:

Graphite plate usually refers to a material made of graphite with a carbon content of 99.9 (%) through high-pressure forming, vacuum impregnation and other processes. Graphite sheets are excellent in electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, chemical stability, etc., so they are widely used. For example, due to its high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity, it is often used in the manufacture of graphite crucibles in the metallurgical industry, and can also be used for food heating. And because of its good conductivity, it is often used in the production of electrodes, carbon rods, etc.

Advantages and uses of graphite plates:

1. Graphite plates have good thermal conductivity and are also heat-resistant, so they are widely used in industry. For example, they can be used in the manufacture of graphite crucibles, and can also be used as a lining to protect metallurgical furnaces. In addition, due to its good heat resistance, graphite plate derivatives can also be used to heat food, such as the emerging graphite bakeware.

2. In addition to heat conduction and heat resistance, graphite plates also have good electrical conductivity. They are often used in the manufacture of electrodes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, etc. The more common uses are the production of electrical parts or TV picture tube coatings.

3. In terms of construction, graphite plates also have certain uses. Because of its temperature resistance and flame retardancy, it is also widely used in the external wall insulation system of buildings.

4. The chemical stability of graphite itself is very strong, and the specially treated graphite has many advantages, such as corrosion resistance, low permeability, etc., and can replace metal materials for the manufacture of filters, heaters, synthetic fibers, etc. .

5. The chemical properties of graphite are very stable, which can effectively prevent corrosion and rust, and can protect roofs, bridges, pipelines, etc. to a certain extent.

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