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Graphite box

Graphite box

Product Description:

Graphite boxs have been widely used in high-temperature carbonization of negative electrode materials and sintering of lithium iron phosphate positive electrode materials. The following are the main uses of Graphite boxs in these two fields:

1. High temperature carbonization of negative electrode materials

In the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries, negative electrode materials often need to be carbonized at high temperature to improve the conductivity of the material and prevent pollution. Graphite boxes are widely used in this process, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Protecting the environment: Using graphite boxes for high-temperature carbonization avoids the pollutants produced in the process of using traditional steel and iron containers, which is more in line with environmental protection requirements.

2. Excellent thermal conductivity: Graphite boxs have excellent thermal conductivity, and can evenly distribute heat during high-temperature carbonization, so that materials can be carbonized evenly at high temperatures and improve battery performance.

3. High strength and heat resistance: The graphite box is made of materials with high strength and heat resistance, which can withstand the challenges of high-temperature environments, thereby ensuring the stability of the high-temperature carbonization process of negative electrode materials.

2. The cathode material is dedicated for sintering of lithium iron phosphate

During the preparation process of the cathode material lithium iron phosphate, it needs to be sintered at high temperature to improve the performance and stability of the battery. Graphite boxes have also been widely used in this process, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Excellent sintering performance: The graphite box can safely carry out the sintering process of lithium iron phosphate at high temperature to make it evenly distributed, high density and fine grain, thereby improving the performance of the battery.

2. Stability at high temperature: The graphite box has high strength and heat resistance, and can safely withstand the pressure during the high-temperature sintering process, ensuring the stable production of lithium iron phosphate, the positive electrode material of the battery.

3. Safety and environmental protection: graphite boxes do not contain any chemical substances harmful to the environment and human body, so using graphite boxes for sintering of positive electrode materials is more in line with environmental requirements and human health.

In short, the graphite box has a very important application in the high-temperature carbonization of the negative electrode material and the sintering of the positive electrode material lithium iron phosphate. Its high strength, heat resistance and excellent thermal conductivity and other performance characteristics provide a strong foundation for the development of the battery manufacturing industry. Assure.

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