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Graphite ring

Graphite ring

Product Description:

Graphite ring is a very special and powerful sealing material, mainly used to seal various types of fluids, such as hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange fluid, nitrogen, organic solvents, hydrocarbons and cryogenic liquids. It has a wide range of applications and is mainly used for sealing compressors, pumps, valves, chemical instruments, meters and other equipment. Graphite rings are made of flexible graphite ribbons or flexible graphite braided fillers, which are molded into ring-shaped products of different sizes.

Graphite ring manufacturing process
The manufacturing process of graphite rings mainly includes the following steps: First, use flexible graphite ribbons or flexible graphite braided fillers as raw materials. This material itself has high adaptability and sealing performance, so it can meet the sealing needs of many different types of fluids. Next, this graphite ribbon or graphite braided filler is formed into ring-shaped products of specific shapes and sizes through a molding process. This process can make the graphite ring have higher strength and stability, while also improving its high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Advantages and applications of graphite rings
Graphite rings offer many advantages. First, it has good high temperature resistance. The graphite ring can still maintain its stability at temperatures up to 850°C, thus effectively preventing the impact of high temperature environments on sealing performance. Secondly, it has good corrosion resistance. Whether facing acidic or alkaline substances, the graphite ring maintains its stability, ensuring a long-lasting sealing effect. In addition, the graphite ring also has good wear resistance and can effectively prevent seal failure due to friction and wear.
In addition to the above advantages, graphite rings are also highly adaptable. Whether it is used to seal gas or liquid, whether it is high temperature or low temperature, whether it is acid-base environment or organic solvent environment, graphite ring can provide good sealing effect. This characteristic makes graphite rings widely used in many fields, such as compressors, pumps, valves, chemical instruments, meters, etc.

Characteristics and uses of carbon-graphite rings
Carbon-graphite ring is a special form of graphite ring, which is mainly made of carbon fiber and graphite. This material has higher strength, hardness and high temperature resistance. Carbon-graphite rings excel in sealing mechanical rotating parts and can effectively prevent fluid leakage and contamination. Due to its high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, carbon-graphite rings are widely used in high temperature and high pressure equipment, such as steam turbines, gas turbines, chemical reactors, etc.





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